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Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

1Tuesday 2014
2Wed.: 6pm Zazen, 7pm Dharma Study Group
3Thursday: no evening activites
4Friday: Final Intro to Buddhism class
5Saturday:Experiencing Zen Workshop 8:30am-5pm
6Sunday: Sangha Work Day 8am - 6pm
8Tuesday: 6pm Zazen
9Wed.: 6pm Zazen, 7pm Dharma Study Group
10Thursday: Practice Period begins
13Sun.: Buddha\'s Birthday Celebration & Potluck Lunch
15Tuesday: 6pm Zazen
16Wed.: 6pm Zazen, 7pm Dharma Study Group
17Thursday: no evening activites
20Sunday 10am Dharma Talk by Rev.Doryu Cappelli
21Monday: Ryaku Fusatsu
22Tuesday: 6pm Zazen
23Wed.: 6pm Zazen, 7pm Dharma Study Group
24Thursday: no evening activites
27Sunday 10am Dharma Talk by Rev.Doryu Cappelli
29Tuesday: 6pm Zazen
30Wed: Genzo-e Retreat begins

The regular morning schedule happens each day that is not a day off or during Sesshin. See the daily schedule for details.

Japanese kids play group is organized by Mio Yamanami. Please contact her at for more information.

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Dharma Study Group:
April 23, 2014 ~ 7:00 - 8:30 pm.
Everyone is welcome!

Dharma Q & A :
Discontinued until
further notice.

Thursday Evening zazen

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