An important part of our practice is working with the community. Sanshin has many opportunities for sangha participation, either locally or virtually, and we need and appreciate your involvement.

Local participation includes:

Temple Duties ( Doan, Flowers for alter, Sunday lecture recording)
Work in the kitchen during sesshin, retreats
Cooking breakfast, Sunday tea, Sunday lunch
Outdoor and grounds maintenance
Administration support in the office

Virtual participation

Archiving of documents and lecture recordings
Social networking

Please contact the office, 812-339-2635 or
admin@sanshinji.org for more information.

Donate to Sanshin

You can support the teaching
and practice at Sanshinji
safely and securely via PayPal
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(you do not need a PayPal
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New to Sanshin?

Welcome, you are
invited to zazen
instruction on Sunday
at 9:00 am.
Next zazen instruction
is February 15, 2015
Please communicate with us
before Friday noon,
to register, and for information.

Watch Streaming Dharma Talks!

Dharma Study Group:
March 11, 2015
(No meetings in Feb.)
7:00 - 8:30 pm.
Everyone is welcome!

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